School achievements

In november 2012 there were two distance lessons devoted to teaching Finnish students the Russian language as the part of the CAS (Creativity. Action. Service) program. Since last year two Diploma Program students — Svingen Evelyn and Lyubomirova Polina organise, work out and hold their lessons to other DP students from Finland, Oulu. they teach students the language as well as culture and sightseeings of St. Petersburg.



As the result of the check of the International Baccalaureate for the last 5 years, the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation) the school «Education through Dialogue» has been acknowledged for:


1)  Dedication to the Diploma Programme and acceptance of students in 2011 after three years of not teaching.

2)  Support of the small quantity of students of the Diploma Program. The students have good environment for education and reasonable amount of hours per week. Despite the small amount of students, the school offers a wide range of subjects for Higher and Standard level.

3)  Initiative in developing the distance learning with the International Baccalaureate school in Oulu, Finland. Teaching the Russian language to Finnish students is appreciated by the International community.

4)  Reasonable and comprehensive language policy of the school based on the out-of-class lessons «teach to learn».

5)  Education plan of the school implies learning the IB elements such as — the criteria-based assessment, a research question, ways of knowing, students’ personal qualities. That creates a good base for preparing the students for the IB program.

6)  Developing of the students’ personal qualities throughout every lesson.

7)  Reasonable assessment in the school.

8)  Regular introduction of the requirements of the works and current grades. Parents are introduced to the assessment policy and receive monthly reports.

9)  Good schedule organisation and distribution of learning of the IB students for the two years.




Svingen Evelyn, Lyubomirova Polina and Whitford Alexandra


  • Students of the IB Diploma program Svingen Evelyn, Lyubomirova Polina and Whitford Alexandra participated as the Russian language teachers as part of their CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) program. The students organised three lessons of russian language, culture and sightseeings of St. Petersburg. Two lessons were organised by the school in Oulu, Finland.
  • The next step of the cooperation will be when the finnish students come to visit Russia. Evelyn, Polina and Alexandra will become guides for the group from Finland.




Prokofieva Polina

  • awardee of Olympiad in English, in March 2012.


Fyodor Polishchuk

  • 1st place in the regional round of History Olympiad among the 8th grade students, March 2010.


Sharayko Ivan

  • 1st  place in orienteering competitions «Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum,» March 2012.


Kolotova Natalissa

  • Grand Prix of the National Festival «The Shores of Russia», March 2012.


Ustrikov Nikita

  • 1st place in the competition in karate, Barcelona (Spain), March 2012.


Tuktamysheva Elizabeth

  • Enrolled in school in 2011, the 10th grade student externship
  • 1st place in individual competition in Japan in figure skating competitions
  • 1st Canadian Grand Prix in figure skating, 2011.


Efleev Anton

  • Graduate of 2011
  • Winner of stage 1 of the International Competition «Master Class Piano», 2010 to 2011.
  • Laureate of the Government of St. Petersburg «Young Talents», 2011.
  • 1st place in the competition of young pianists abroad in Vienna, December 2010.


Egor Suvorov

  • Educated in the school since 2008, a student 10th grade
  • October 31, 2010 — XVIII St. Petersburg school team championship on programming. 1st place.
  • November 21, 2010 — XI All-Russian Olympiad team Programming (Venue — St. Petersburg), 3rd place, gold medal
  • 21 and January 23, 2011 — Regional Stage-Russian Olympiad in Computer Science, 1st place in St. Petersburg.
  • 11-17 April 2011 — XXIII National Olympiad in Computer Science (venue — Perm), the absolute champion in 10 classes (1st place), 2nd place in the overall standings.
  • 22-29 July 2011 — 23rd International Olympiad in Computer Science (venue — g.Pattayya, Thailand), 44th place silver medal.
  • October 30, 2011 — XIX Team Championship St. Petersburg school programming. 1st place
  • 3rd place in the Team Contest school programming in St. Petersburg., December 2010.
  • winner of the All-Russian Olympiad in Computer Science, Kazan, April 2012


Yuri Bulavin

  • Graduate of 2011
  • Winner of the festival «Rising Star» in the «Blitz Show», 2010.
  • In the V-th  All-Russian competition of scientific and innovative projects «Innovation for device development company Siemens entered the top five in the North-West region, 2011.


Jaroslav Bulavin

  • Graduate of 2011
  • Winner of the International Amateur Film Festival «Megapolus» in the «Animation», 2009.
  • Contest winners in the «Best flash-animated movie,» 2010.
  • Winner of the festival «Rising Star» in the «Blitz Show», 2010.


Veselov Artem

  • Educated in the school since 2009, a student of 7th grade
  • 1st place in the tennis tournament series CREYDA-TOUR (juniors), 2009.
  • Open Championship winner Sosnovy Bor’s tennis in the doubles to 16, 2009.
  • III-d place in the tennis tournament «Nevsky Cup» among youths age 14 and younger, 2010y.


Zakrevsky Nikita

  • In school since 2009, a student of 8th grade
  • II-d place in the equestrian sport on the program «Special Olympics» «Working Path» CS, December 2010.


Anastasia Frolova

  • Studies in school since 2009
  • Cup «Polustrovo» in the city competitions in tennis, St. Petersburg., September 2010.
  • Tallinn Cup for 1st place a couple of international competitions in tennis, May 2010


Oleg Sanitsky

  • Educated in the school since 2009, a student of 6th grade.
  • Prize fall break 2010., III-d place in 2nd class on chess, 10.31-03.11.2010 in St. Petersburg.
  • II-d Certificate for a place in the 22 International chess tournament «White Nights», 17.06.-20.06.2010y.


Julia Boyarkina

  • Graduate of 2011
  • Equestrian sport


Tsar Alexander

  • Graduate of 2010
  • junior level I in equestrian sports


Bakanov Vyacheslav

  • Graduate of 2010
  • The 1-st place in the competition for the region and the city. Wrestling, 2010.
  • Candidate Master of Wrestling


Baseev German

  • Graduate of 2010
  • He was awarded a diploma of the Government of St. Petersburg for Physical Culture and Sport for the 1st place in the team competition SPb Chess 2010. among boys and girls in the team SEI DOD TSDYUTT Kirov district


Anastasia Kuznetsova

  • Graduate in 2010 (business model)
  • Working in a modeling agency «Cat»
  • Since 2007 in Tokyo, Japan in a modeling agency «Bravo»


Demkina Arina

  • In school since 2009, a student of 9th grade
  • Winner of the international contest «Light Christmas Star» in the «pop vocal» and «Vocal ensemble» (middle age group), Helsinki-Turku-Stockholm, 2009.
  • The 1-st place in contest «Rising Star», March 2012


Sergei Demidov

  • Studies at our school since 2006
  • Open Championship winner in the Petrograd district Judo 2008.
  • Demonstration concert in different cities of Russia and abroad, choir


Andreeva Alina

  • In school since 2010, a student of 3rd grade
  • Diploma of the young artist, 2007.
  • Diploma for an Art Prize «The fantastic creature», 2008.
  • Member of the international children’s drawing competition «Art City», 2007.


Trefilova Elizabeth

  • In 2008 she graduated 9th grade
  • The winner of the championship in swimming Petersburg, 2007.
  • Included in the youth team in swimming, St.Petersburg.


Diaghilev Tatiana

  • She studied in our school since 2006
  • 17th place among the world’s leading models
  • Participates in shows the world’s leading fashion designers around the world
  • Is photoed for fashion magazines (Cosmopolitan, Vogue)


Lyudmila Andreeva

  • In 2007, she graduated from grade 9 and enrolled in a specialized chemical-biological school
  • The winner of the Olympiad students in Biology, 2007.
  • Participant of the International Conference on School «17 Sakharov Readings»
  • Participant-Russian Olympiad in Biology, 2006, 2007.
  • A participant of the All School of Ecology, 2006, 2007.


Fedor Gaslov

  • In 2011, he graduated from grade 9
  • Acts with children orchestra of folk instruments of PI Smirnov (playing the accordion)
  • Winner of the contest-Festival of PI Smirnov, 2006.
  • The winner in the city contest of the accordion and accordion among the soloists and small ensembles, 2006.
  • Prize winner in the contest «Young talent»


Buharovsky Igor

  • Graduate of 2008
  • «The first racket SPb» among youth, tennis, 2007.
  • Medalist tennis tournament «Junior St-Petersburg Open», 2005.
  • Multiple winner of international tournaments in tennis


Polovtsy Stepan

  • Graduate of 2008
  • Stands with a group Speechwitus (solo and rhythm guitar)
  • Acted in commercials on television


Maria Tyvina

  • In 2009 she graduated from grade 9 and enrolled in Physics and Mathematics Lyceum № 239
  • The winner in the children’s equestrian program «Baltic Hope», 2005.
  • The winner of the equestrian competition, «Will to Win», 2004.
  • The winner of the championship of the sports club «Sport-development» (swimming), 2006.


Sopin Victor

  • Graduate of 2008
  • Winner in the basketball tournament in Finland, 2005.
  • Medalist in the championship basketball St. Petersburg, 2006.


Kalachev Igor

  • Graduate of 2006
  • Champion of the city of St. Petersburg in the highest group of young men in football
  • Cup winner St. Petersburg Cup
  • A member of the junior team of St. Petersburg. Football
  • A member of the junior team of the North-West Region football
  • Winner of international football tournament
  • Candidate Master
  • Is one of the 33 best players of St. Petersburg among boys


Dmitry Ivanchenko

  • Graduate of 2005
  • Winner RTT (Russian Tennis Tournament)
  • Winner and winner of the European and world tournaments (TF tennis)
  • Winner of the European tennis tournament in Lithuania
  • With 15 years — party ATP tournaments: Challengers Future (tennis)
  • One of the 100 best players in Europe among young men


Rud Igor

  • Graduate of 2005
  • Winner of international tournament (TF tennis), 2005.
  • Medalist Monty Tour (tennis), 2006.
  • Winner of international tournament (TF Sochi Cup), tennis, 2005.
  • Multiple winner of Russian and city competitions and tournaments in tennis
  • Candidate Master