Distance learning

Education from 1 to 11th grade of russian school.

For students that live in other cities of Russia or abroad, the distance learning program is proposed to 1 — 11th grades. The main means of communication are Skype and e-mail.


Registration and payments are made in the school.

Student has his first consultations for the subjects: Russian, Mathematics and others if needed. At consultations students get their tasks for a certain period of time. The student completes them and submits to teachers. The exercises are then checked and therefore the month/term grades are received. To get final grades the student should be present at school to write the end of the year exams:


1-4th grade:

  • Russian
  • Mathematics
  • Reading


5-8, 10th grades:

  • Russian
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • foreign language

There is a possibility to complete the program independently, the student comes only in summer and winter for short sessions.
In 9th and 11th grades the presence of the student is obligatory for not less than two times a year and not later than 15th of May to write the pre-exam works and in June (from 1.06 to 22.06) for the state national exams.
It is even better if the student can come more often.
The payment occurs:

  • right after signing the contract
  • by transaction to the school’s bank account