Education through Dialogue

The Education in pairs with shifting different partners.

The Education in pairs with shifting different partners – is organized dialog, combinative dialog, collective way of education – these different names of Rivin ‘s method were forgotten many Times, only meticulous education  historians kept in mind these and suddenly again rose on wave of next Pedagogical Revolution and gained thousands of supporters.

The idea of pair education is connected with such names as priest Gregory Girar  (Switzerland), A.G.Rivin (1878-1944,Russia) and V.K. Dyachenko (Russia). Who became contemporary theorist of collective education way (C.E.W.).

Exactly in theory “ in pairs interchangeable composition” or CWE. Still in 50th of XX century in the first time in Russian history was declared that another people  dare talk only in 80 th: “the main point of Education is communication “.

Method, offered  by Rivin, applied in our school from the day foundation (1988) and  allowed  make training process on absolutely other basics , than accept in class and lesson system:

  • Different level and different age teaching;
  • Individual temp of learning material;
  • Education in during teaching  a self-dependent, responsible student;
  • To study the subject at the option of student, To study the subject  of their choice.


This approach gives opportunity to study together the pupils with different   abilities   and different  levels of knowledge not   disturbing each other.

“Associative dialogue” become the most important and wonderful tool for the professional growth of our pedagogical collective.

Seminar “Talgenius” is not only the education function, but socio – psychological aspects its unique method: development at communication  skills , skills of warn with text, express and depend their point of view. This tolerance develops effective .  This  value is necessary for every teacher.  The skill of accepting right of another person is basic feature and basic content of tolerance.

How does method work? It is great , when someone is able and ready to read fast,  but we offer to read slowly.

Participant of seminar – teachers and staff of school read in exchangeable pairs, communicate content of previous  paragraphs  to new  partner, make a summary  of new  paragraphs , clear misunderstood and new word. On the average pair should work 15 min.

When there is an opportunity  and need to communicate with everyone, including those whom you don’t like  very much.

It is very important : this way  of the  tolerance  to collegues is so mutual  understanding.



Reading paragraph after paragraph, constantly deepening in text sense, searching connection between words, clearing of word and intimate – confessional respect to word are possible only here in this seminar. There are constantly deepening in word sense and meaning of sentence.

During work according this method appear atmosphere of lightness and case. But these deep creative intellectual work  is done. In the ending of reading  of section  a part of text report should be done. The report is recorded on video. There is video library of reports of Rivin seminars at school. The stuff  can use this video library. The stuff  can compare own report to a report of collegue. All repots  obligatorily  are discussed and evaluated according  to the system of  criteria – based  assessment and this  is used in evaluation  of pupils.

This seminar gives opportunity to teacher not only realize intellectual goals with the help of reading science – educational  literature, but also use knowledge and skills (got in seminar) in work with pupils.

The seminar allows the teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills in additional program: “Alphabet”, work with dictionary;  “thoughtful and conscious reading of paragraphs”; “Oral speech”; “Writing speech” they are obligatory used on all lessons and on seminars “ Pilots of mind”.

It should be noted, that seminar allows to eliminate the deficit of professional communication of teachers.