External studies

  • Individual lessons with teachers
  • Individual schedule (choose the most comfortable time from Monday to Saturday)
  • any age of the student
  • enrollment and studying any time a year
  • fees depend of the amount of lessons.

The work with the students and their parents begins with a talk, by the end of which teachers find out the motives and reasons for applying for this program. The individual plan is then formed for successful studying.

The main reasons for applying at External studies

1) Children who live with their parents in different city or country.
2) Parents who wish the most comfortable program for their children.
3) Children with health issues.
4) Children from other schools who have to redo their exams.
5) Children, studying at the same time in other schools (sporting, drawing etc.)
6) the ones that wish to combine two years in one program.


The aim of the program is to let different age groups to get the education according to their personal needs.

The program is suitable for all ages.

1) 1-4 grade.
2) 5-8 and 10th grades. Enrolment throughout all the year.
3) 9th and 11th grades who are preparing for the exams in June. Enrolment until the 1st of May.


External studies

full-time part-time
phased exams
records to be achieved distance learning

Phased form — deep studies of the subject, not more than 3 subjects.

Student record form — every student gets his record-book in which he has all the themes of the program.

Examination form — every student has a consultation before the exam, he gets all the needed material for the work.


Distance learning

Neikshina Olga Petrovna
External-studies chairman