School Head and Director

1996 г.


Andreev Vladimir Ivanovich

School Head and Director

«Honored Worker of secondary education of Russian Federation»

In 1988 he established the school «Education Through Dialogue», one of the first private schools in Russia which is nowadays the only school that offers the International Baccalaureate in St. Petersburg.

In 1976 he was educated in Philosophy in the Leningrad State University. Worked in the faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogics and Management in the University of Pedagogics that offers post-graduate studies.



2010 г.



  • «The way of evaluating the effectivity of teacher’s work in the school» — 2000;
  • «Solomon Tellings» — 2003;
  • «Priest» — 2004;
  • «Biography of Pedagogics» — 2011;
  • «Freedom + education = happiness» — 2012;
  • «Teach to learn» — 2012.


Translated the «Theory of Knowledge» to Russian language.


Was awarded a medal:

2012 г.


«For the work to the glory of the Fatherland» of the Public Committee for the Protection of Culture, «In memory of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg»;

Order of Honor and Dignity «Sovereign Russia»;

insignia of the Russian public recognition «For peace and harmony».



Government of St. Petersburg «… for many years of creative work in the education system,» by the Institute of the Russian culture.


The school has daughter branches in Sevastopol and Bryansk.