Terms of admission

Admission of students is carried out during the whole year. Admission concerns different ages, depending on the chosen form of education.

  • Traditional form of education — Primary school (grades 1-4), Secondary school (grades 5-9), High school (grades 10-11)
  • Mixed aged joint programme of education (grades 5 — 11)
  • External studies (grades 1-11 without age restrictions)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. (grades 10 – 11 or 11 – 12)


Order of the admission:

  1. An interview at the admissions office. A candidate is acquainted with the philosophy of the school, its history and forms of education.
  2. To choose a form of education  (traditional, mixed aged joint programme or external studies) a candidate can attend three trial days.
  3. An excursion around the school.
  4. To be enrolled in the Diploma Programme  all applicants write an essay in English and an entrance test in Mathematics or Natural sciences if chosen at higher level.