Classroom full-time education

Autumn break — from the 3d November 2012 to the11th November 2012.
Winter break — from the 28th December 2012 to the 8th January 2013.
Spring break — from the 23d March 2012 to the 31st March 2013.

Relatively small amount of pupils in the classes encourage the release of children’s potential and promises individual approach to every pupil. The program includes standard base with the adding of the International Baccalaureate program, project and investigation activities and Rivin’s course «Learn how to study».
With the help of the Rivin’s course, the school raises competent people with high morals, who are responsible, talkative, active, open-minded, tolerant, patriotic, critical thinkers, emphatic and are ready to work collaboratively with others.The main aim of the school is to teach pupils to think critically, which means scientifically, logically and independently. This develops thinking, social, organizational, communicative and investigative skills. Therefore children should be able to study successfully, get the knowledge by themselves, work with the people, develop creativity and use knowledge in their everyday life.



There are certain criteria by which the grade is formed, but it is not based on the subjective opinion of the teacher. Therefore the main aim of the teacher and the student is to understand how the grade is formed and to use this knowledge at their classes.

A variety of activities are used in the class.
For the 5-9-th grade students we offer:

  1. Oral quiz
  2. Recorded oral activity
  3. Dictation test
  4. Test
  5. exams
  6. project
  7. activities
  8. essays
  9. research (8-9th grades)
  10. presentations


10-11 grades:

  1. Oral quiz
  2. Video-recorded oral activity
  3. Dictation test
  4. Test
  5. exams
  6. project activities
  7. essays
  8. research
  9. creative tasks


Extra-curricular activities

  1. Olympiads
  2. Creative works
  3. exhibitions, contests
  4. individual portfolios
  5. student’s record-books and the museum-visiting program


Lessons start at 9.30

Lessons endue 45 minutes.

Six days a week.

Abilova Olessay Igorevna, Kovaleva Tatyana Alexandrovna

Deputy directors of the classroom full-time education programs